Are you looking for a simple customs solution to couple with your transportation expertise? KlearNow’s AI and machine learning solution – linked with our easy setup and multi-broker approach – provides that crucial customs clearance component in the shipment lifecycle.

Simply forward the documents to us. We extract the data and complete the declarations for our/your agents to review the customs entry, and submit.

What does a Freight Forwarder do?

Freight Forwarders take control of getting your shipment from origin to the desired destination. This often includes:

  • Arranging transport from origin to the port of export.
  • Collecting documents, licenses, and all relevant paperwork for export .
  • Negotiating, booking, and loading cargo for sea, land or air freight.
  • Setting up insurance and tracking delivery, every step of the way.
  • Collecting documents, licenses, and all relevant paperwork for import customs declaration.
  • Arranging haulage and delivery to your agreed location, whether it’s an import or an export.

How is KlearNow different from a Freight Forwarder?

We are not a Freight Forwarder. We are a technology company that connects Importers, Exporters, Customs Agents / Brokers, and Freight Forwarders with Customs authorities. We are not a transportation provider – our focus is purely on shipment visibility, document management and customs clearance.

  • US, Canada, UK Customs Certified
  • Single Data Source – All Partners
  • Carrier-Agnostic End-To-End Visibility
  • 50-80% Savings in Time and Money
  • Seamless Drayage Service
  • Single Data Source
  • Terminal-Level Visibility
  • Digital Track & Trace
  • >75% Demurrage Savings

Let our AI work for you

  • You will be able to provide a technology solution that exceeds any traditional TMS and customs platform.
  • Superior compliance and system of record provided to end customers.
  • Proactive data sharing means everyone is aware when changes occur and in real time.
  • Consolidated end-to-end visibility to all of your customers.
  • Audit trail of communications between your customer and customs broker.

Save Money

  • One flat fee per transaction, adding profitability to your business.
  • Cloud-based platform with API and EDI interfaces available at no cost.
  • “White Label” solutions – your customer logs in and sees your logo.
  • Focus resources to areas most important to your business; not manual data entry and broker management.

Happy Customers

  • Document digitization – AI-enabled technology for speed, accuracy and compliance.
  • Searchable document management, which includes all commercial and customs clearance documents.
  • Digital sharing throughout shipment journey including visibility, status updates, and documents, reducing communication overload.
  • Real-time tracking alerts them to potential demurrage / storage and late charges (if you can see them, you can avoid them).


Every document digitally recorded
Cloud-based document management system
End-to-end visibility of the process
Detailed system of record
Direct connection to HMRC or CHIEF via CSPs
Import and export declaration always on hand
Simplistic Klearview dashboard
UK ports and CSP connection
Use the KlearNow CSP badge
Systems are easy to navigate
Documents, transactions, and numbers are all displayed
KlearNow customer support team is available 24/7 to help


What is a freight forwarder?

Freight forwarders arrange for goods to be transported from one place to another, usually overseas. They make the entire end-to-end process seamless, efficient and simple.

What are the disadvantages of a freight forwarder using a traditional agent/broker?

If you’re new to brexit requirements, or you just want the process of clearing UK customs to be as efficient as possible, you could benefit from using KlearNow. We connect importers, exporters, customs agents / brokers, and freight forwarders with customs authorities. If you are solely relying on a traditional customs agent, here are a few disadvantages you should consider:

  • Agents/ brokers have physical limitations to the volume and accuracy to which they can handle import/export paperwork, whereas KlearNow can help you navigate the complex compliance requirements at any scale
  • Using regular agents can increase the overall costs of your shipment and still have the human factor of error
  • Using a traditional agent means you don’t have visibility to any details of the shipments – your faith is left blindly in the hands of a third party
  • Not all agents cover every market – and not all markets are well regulated. You’d need to check the credentials of your chosen supplier to make sure they can actually deliver what they say they can.
How does KlearNow positively impact my business?

The current customs clearance and business processes are archaic for many international freight forwarding agents. Time is wasted throughout the import business process; manual data entry from documents, unnecessary communication due to poor visibility, and customer onboarding/business pull-through is slow.

With our technology – minimal data entry, ‘Klear’ shipment visibility, and onboarding of new customers – customs clearance takes minutes not days. This directly impacts your bottom line – do more with less.

What is the overall value KlearNow brings compared to a traditional Agent / Broker partner?
  • State-of-the-art technology driving speed, compliance and profitability.
  • Brokerage experts supporting every commodity, unique clearance scenarios, and odd ‘after hours’ coverage support.
What access, as well as visibility, do I get as a Freight Forwarder for my team and my customers?
  • Track and trace of your customer shipments, customs processes, and electronic document management.
  • Simplified billing – one flat fee – no surprises.
  • International forwarders have robust searches: by customer, commodity, description, BOL or any other data as needed.
  • Real time visibility to HMRC Chief System Responses coming in via CSP badge.
What’s the catch? What about license fees, per line charges, user fees or even IT integration costs?

There are none – we are a transaction-based platform, charging a flat fee per shipment with no integration or setup costs. You want data – connect to our API interfaces, still need to go EDI not a problem – we have you covered.

Do you have a ‘White Label’ solution?

Yes. During your implementation, we will create a web experience tailored to your brand so you can offer a bespoke freight forwarding service. We can even tailor the visibility experience to your customer – all at zero cost.

How is your technology different from standard OCR?

This is our secret sauce. We leverage AI and machine learning to extract data from documents, web sites, and other trusted data sources, bringing efficiency to any freight forwarder. We don’t spend time ‘training’ for OCR and data extraction – our software learns as it goes. We can implement new brokerage client documents in minutes – not hours or days.

Track with Real-Time Visibility

Enable new levels of cargo visibility and productivity that reduces logistics costs and creates better customer experiences.