How Much Does Customs Clearance Cost?

There are typically multiple costs involved in the entire customs clearance process.

  • Entry of the declaration costs
  • Handling fees – this is when brokers or agents charge for paperwork
  • Line item fees – the more items to want to ship, the more expensive this can be.
  • Sea port or airport charges

Unlike other customs clearance brokers, KlearNow charges a flat fee, one for import and one for export. As a transactional based platform charging a one-time cost per entry, with no integration or setup costs, we pride ourselves on the guarantee of no hidden costs!

Are there any other costs involved in customs clearance? Yes, the Airline or Shipping line will charge you separately for local Terminal and handling fees. These vary by carrier and are dependent on the weight and volume of your shipment. KlearNow doesn’t get involved in shipping or freight costs, all we charge for is the customs clearance fee. Additionally, any port handling charges linked to arriving at a UK inventory linked port would incur additional pass through fees that would be billed by KlearNow but that are independent of KlearNow´s fees due to using KlearNow´s customs badge.

KlearNow is a transparent customs clearance platform, offering state-of-the-art technology, intuitive design, no IT expense and zero integration costs, giving your business real-time visibility into the entire logistics process.

What do I pay Import VAT & Duty taxes on ?

Everyone must pay VAT and Duty taxes, this is a separate cost to customs clearance costs.

All customers should apply for their own Duty Deferment Account for free on the UK government website if looking to import from across the world. Right now post the trade deal no duties will be required from the EU, but this can be subject to change.

Depending on the circumstances of the import VAT may be payable on all goods being imported into the UK, even from an EU Country.  Duty is payable at varying rates depending on the type of goods; items such as alcohol and tobacco being imported for personal use are also liable to VAT & Duty taxes.

Any Other Hidden Costs With Customs Clearance?

You may be thinking, what about license fees, per line charges, user fees or even IT integration costs? There are none – KlearNow is a transactional based platform, charging a flat fee per entry with no integration or setup costs.

How to Reduce Import Costs to the UK

There are no loopholes or hidden secrets to avoiding import costs. The only way to save money on import costs is to improve the efficiency of the entire process for your business.

By combining AI technology with a cloud-based platform, KlearNow allows you to do more business, at a lower cost with full transparency from any smart device 24 hours a day, remotely and safely within this ever-changing world. Making customs clearance efficient makes business more profitable.

Does Brexit Affect the Price of Importing and Exporting to the UK?

Brexit has certainly affected how we import and export all kinds of goods, and has had many different kinds of knock on effects. However, it is difficult to know exactly how these changes will continue to affect us in the future.

One factor that has already changed is that the amount of exports will decrease out of the UK, as it will get much more expensive as a process. Another trend we are already seeing is that the price of goods in the UK will increase due to the import costs associated. This includes a significant rise in price, as importing goods can also suffer delays, especially within the first six months when adjusting to new Brexit regulations.

Making customs clearance as efficient as possible for businesses gives you the best chance of ensuring profitability and enabling your business to thrive.

What Aspects of Customs Clearance Makes Import Costs More Expensive?

  • In many ways, the entire customs clearance process is ‘archaic’, because it is not digitised at the same pace as other industries. Unfortunately, there is no clear central system, making the process lengthy, difficult to understand in in-efficient. KlearNow is an entirely new platform that connects Importers, Exporters, Customs Agents / Brokers and Freight Forwarders with Customs. The Logistics industry has changed, customs clearance has not.
  • With so many different elements to customs clearance, there are often 5-10 individuals involved in the end-to-end process, therefore in-efficient communication can be costly. If communication is delayed or hindered, this can cause problems, delayed shipments, government penalties and port storage fees, and therefore cost your business valuable time and money.
  • Uncertainty and lack of visibility is an avoidable cost to the business. Typical customs clearance processes means that you don’t always know the exact location of goods, therefore not everyone can be kept in the loop and be updated as and when actions happen. KlearNow’s platform provides real-time visibility into the entire logistics process, meaning no time is wasted with manual updates.
  • If the parties you work with don’t have one flat fee or there are hidden costs, this can also make customs clearance much more expensive!

How Can Importers, Customs Agents and Freight Forwarders Cut Costs?

By using a cloud-based system to store data and documents, our customs management platform can streamline your processes. Digitising the process gives custom agency, freight forwarders and businesses more information and real-time information. This allows businesses to make well-informed decisions, minimises errors and improve efficiencies.

Why KlearNow Is the Perfect Customs Clearance Solution

KlearNow are like no other, we leverage AI and machine learning to extract data from documents, web sites and other data sources. We don’t spend time ‘training’ for OCR and data extraction – our software learns as it goes. We can implement new brokerage client documents in minutes – not hours or days.

KlearNow addresses all the inefficiencies of the customs clearance process, currently operating in the UK. Enabling better communication and seeing all shipment locations and information in real-time, makes your job easier as a business. Ironing out manual errors that can be easily avoided and digitising all essential information will make importing goods to the UK a more profitable and more stress-free process.

Looking for a ‘White Label’ solution? During your implementation, KlearNow will create a web experience tailored to your brand. We can even tailor the visibility experience to your customer – all at zero cost.