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Register here to view On-demand | November 22th , 2021

Register here to view On-demand

View On-demand | KlearNow’s Brexit Ready Customs Clearance Solution

Speaker: Sam Tyagi Founder & CEO, KlearNow
Speaker: Richard Bartlett UK & Ireland Country Manager
Speaker: Michelle Riber Sr.Director, International Expansion

Richard Bartlett and Sam Tyagi from KlearNow discuss all things Brexit and how KlearNow fits into the ever-evolving logistics space.

What you’ll learn:

Here are a few of the highlights of what will be covered during the presentation:

  • Unveiling how each stakeholder is affected by Brexit, including customs
  • Exporter challenges
  • Customs compliance
  • Future digitalisation – supporting all stakeholders
  • Upcoming requirements and certificates
  • Growing functionality of KlearNow platform
  • How to save time & money on customs clearance
  • KlearNow platform & benefits



















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